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Helping Furniture Business Owners Define Success!


PMP Sales’ Consulting Division is comprised of furniture pros with over 100 years of combined experience creating successful home furnishings retail stores. Our customized approach to every company means you receive guidance unique to your situation during our work with you. Our reasonable program fees reflect both our lean infrastructure and our commitment to helping you gain improved control of your business progress.

Jim Grandillo


Providing clear strategies and tools that promote growth, profit and security, improving both personal and professional quality of life for our clients.

  • Functional Analysis – Our “hands-on” approach takes business evaluation to a new level starting from the ground up.

  • General Consulting – You have a business to run and you need to do it well. We can help.

  • Service Modules – PMP Consulting offers a range of services tailored to fit your business needs.


To be the home furnishings industries’ most caring and effective consulting company, and to provide our clients with the help they need to continue profitably in business and achieve the long-term life goals they desire.

To work tirelessly helping retailers better understand and manage their businesses, to provide them with clear strategies for future growth and profits, resulting in an improved quality of life for everyone in the company.

What We Stand For

  • Honesty – we tell the truth always, even if it is painful
  • Clarity – we say what we mean in simple language, and mean what we say
  • Kindness – we respect and nurture the feelings of those we deal with
  • Dedication – we align ourselves with our clients’ goals
  • Patience – we restate our instructions until everyone comprehends them
  • Adaptability – we mold ourselves to your company’s culture, not force you into ours
  • Humor – we laugh with you and enjoy our work even if it is hard
  • Focus – we bear down on a problem until it is solved and never give up
  • Fairness – we listen to all opinions and points of view with respect
  • Commitment – we do what we say we will do, and expect the same from our clients


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